Are YOU Ready to Crush This Type of Thinking...


"I Can't..."

"What If I..."

"Who Am I To..."

"What Will ___ Think..."

"If Only I Could ___ Then..."

"What If They Discover I'm a 'Poser'..."


The "Loser" Mentally Annihilates Passion, Production, and Profits. You Can Get UnCrushable Confidence Explode Your Comfort Zone, Shatter Low-Self Esteem And Get On Track For The First Time In Your Life.


From the Desk Of: Paul Evans, Confidence Coach

Date: Saturday, 4:32 a.m.


Dear Friend,


There's no doubt...


"Great White Sharks Smell Blood in the Water

German Shepherds Sense Fear on the Thief"


Fear is an aphrodisiac to a predator!


They can smell it.  They can sense it.


And it's no different for you and me...


People can smell fear. It's a barrier to success in business and life. How many times have you said, "I love being around him; he's so insecure."






Why... Confidence attracts, while insecurity repels.


Why A Lack of Confidence is Notoriously Linked to Failure


Lack of confidence prevents risk. A person who does not have the faith in themselves does one thing... NOTHING. Sure, they dream. They wish. They even plan. They work behind the scenes. But that's were it stops.  The moment they think someone might actually see and pass judgment on them, they crumble.




Have you been there? You work hard on an idea and when it get's close to launch, you collapse. You get nervous. You wonder if it is good enough. You wonder if people will like it. You wonder if all your friends were right when they told you that you were crazy.


Self-doubt is pure evil. It can snatch success away and leaves your brain swirling in a soup of uncertainty. It's amazing the crazy scenarios your mind can create when you lack confidence.


So nothing happens. And that's the WORSE kind of failure...unproven failure.


At least a concept that doesn't work after an attempt can be put in the "at least I tried" category. But the one that just rests in fear, man, that's heart wrenching because you never know what could have been.


Listen, we're just talking about ideas and concepts. What about all the other areas of life where a lack of confidence can crush your chances...

  • The guy or girl you never asked out because you were too ______.

  • The position you never applied for because you didn't believe you could ______.

  • The great plan you wrote on the napkin of that restaurant that went up in smoke because you just didn't think ________________.

  • The relationship with your child that you failed to capture because you knew you blew it in the past and you knew there was no way you ___________.

  • The humiliating insecurity that developed because someone close to you took advantage of you and made you believe that you __________.

Those ____________s are so defeating!! Those blanks get filled with negative, untrue thoughts because of a lack of confidence! What could have been.


Special Insight #1

How Lack of Confidence Creates Failure...

6 Mindsets to Avoid

  • "I Can't..." creates the Doubt Mentality. This mindset keeps you from getting started, so you never know what could have been.

  • "What If..." creates the Dream Mentality. This mindset spends time inventing mental scenarios that may never come about.

  • "Who Am I To..." creates the Moses Mentality. This mindset concentrates on all the reasons they are don't deserve the success or fame.

  • "What Will ___ Think..." creates the Acceptance Mentality. This mindset is much more concerned about what other people think of them than what they think of themselves.

  • "If Only I Could ___ Then..." creates the Victim Mentality. This mindset believes that things are happening "to" them instead of through them. They blame others for their lack of accomplishment.

  • "What If They Discover I'm a 'Poser'..." creates the Imposter Mentality. This mindset makes the person feel like an imposter. They are afraid people will discover they are not really talented or deserving.



Believe It Or Not We Are Actually Programmed for Insecurity.


This part of this letter is worth the time you are spending on this page.


Read closely. Do not skip a word.


You are being programmed to be insecure.


This is not a wild conspiracy theory, it is a FACT. You are being "trained" to be skeptical, negative, lazy and filled with self-doubt.


You see, everything that enters our minds makes an impact. What we watch and listen to (directly or indirectly) shapes us.


Think about that for a moment.


From birth you have been told things...

  • You're an idiot.

  • You'll never make it.

  • You deserve better.

  • That's crazy.

  • What makes you think you can do that?

From birth you've been sold things...

  • You need to be this weight to be accepted.

  • You need to be this smart to enter this school.

  • You need to make this much money to be important.

  • You need to wear these clothes to fit in.

  • You need to drive this care to prove you've made it.

Messages similar to those bombard your life thousand's of times a week. Whether it's the media or a friend, you are constantly surrounded with negative messages about yourself.


And the evidence begins to stack up! You begin to SEE how you don't fit. Even though you don't say it out loud, you begin to FEEL like you're a misfit.


That's even true in the internet marketing field.


Good night!


Have you noticed how EASY it is to make money online? I mean have you noticed how many people seem to making millions? Have you picked up on how simple they say it is?


What's the result? You buy the product and it doesn't work for you the way it did for the guru. Internally, you begin to think something is wrong with you. You chalk up another defeat. You see a pattern of failure in your ventures. And you continue the negative cycle because your programmed by the failures.


It's time to break the chains...


Confidence: The Great Equalizer


Insecurity is a decision that you do not have to make. You can actually reverse the programming. You can totally control what influences you, and control the outcome.


Do you really believe the most successful are that much smarter or more talented than you?


I'll tell you right now; they are not!! (if you don't believe that you've got a long way to go.)


But I do know this... They are MUCH MORE CONFIDENT!


They believe they are right. They believe their ideas will work. The do not listen to the doubters. They surround themselves with other believers. They work hard to prove themselves right. They fail and still believe. They learn from the disappointment and try again because they KNOW it's going to work. They go back to the drawing board and start again. They make it happen through a certainty that has the power of a rocket thrust.


They do not whine, make excuses, sit around and mope or pack it in.


When YOU have confidence like that, you'll immediately "discover" success like never before.


Why Am I So Confident?



I shouldn't be confident at all. I've actually had people tell me that!


Here's why...

  • My father left home before I was born

  • Raised in a single parent household

  • Teased about my height

  • Teased about wearing glasses

  • Teased about my crooked teeth (pre-braces)

  • Teased about my metal mouth (with braces)

  • Failed business at the age of 21

  • Occupations where I had conflict after conflict

  • Wife died when our son was 5 weeks old

Are those enough reasons for you? Technically, I shouldn't be confident, but I am because...


Circumstances have NOTHING to do with confidence


Those events of life did not change me negatively. They made me better, stronger. You examine the average life that has been through something similar you will often find a shell of a person. Defeated by life.


But those things made me more confident. They made my life more valuable.


I can HELP people who doubt their dad's love.

I can HELP single moms discover that they can do it alone.

I can HELP the misfit at school recognize their value.

I can HELP the fail business owner learn from the disaster.

I can HELP the discontent worker find their way.

I can HELP the man or woman who loses a spouse find their way again!!


Why shouldn't I be confident?! I am making a HUGE difference in the lives of thousands of people. And you can too!


It's time to...


Crush the Limits!


I want to help you get confident. It's time to crush self-limiting beliefs and reach your goals. It's time to stop making excuses, suck it up and launch out with assurance.


You just read about all the reasons I shouldn't be confident. However, this confidence has led to some great successes - personally and professionally. And that has just catapulted my confidence (just when you thought it couldn't go any higher!)


Now if negatives life experiences can boost confidence, then successes can propel you to the highest levels of productivity and profitability.


If you want to stay where you are that's up to you. You have that right. But if you want to take the needed steps to gain uncrushable confidence, then keep reading.


Special Insight #2

Confidence, Not Arrogance...

Some will use this excuse to stay insecure...

"I don't want to become arrogant."

There is a HUGE difference between confidence and arrogance.

  • Confidence wants to help others.

  • Arrogance is self serving

  • Confidence believes we are all on the same level. We just get to choose what we do at that level.

  • Arrogance believes it is better than others and thinks others should agree.

How Uncrushable Confidence Will Alter the Direction of Your Life and Business


In order to succeed you need a confidence that is not demolished by people or events. You need to become unbending in your self-belief. But I'm not talking about a foolish, unproven belief.


With Uncrushable Confidence you will...

  • Demolish the fears that are holding you back.

  • Complete the products you shelved because of insecurity.

  • Build your business around strengths.

  • Destroy the lies you've believed about yourself.

  • Take more accurate action.

  • Stand up to whatever "bully" there is in your life.

  • Discover your value and begin offering it to others.

  • Face your anxieties with boldness.

And it will lead to...

  • Better business.

  • Better products.

  • Better relationships.

  • Better websites.

  • Better conversations.

  • Better open doors.

  • Better results.

  • Better attitude.

  • Better....

You become a better person with more confidence. Better for yourself and better for those around you.


Uncrushable Confidence

Ebook  |  Video | Audio  |  Workbook


The system reveals blow by blow how to gain confidence. It's what I've learned about confidence through experience and study.


But this system will not make you like me (you don't want that). It will make you the you your supposed to be!


Quick sidebar: Did you know that's the #1 reason online entrepreneurs fail? They buy the "expert's" product and try to become like the expert instead of staying themselves and matching the techniques to their own personal personality and productivity.


Here's what you get with Uncrushable Confidence...



You'll gain confidence as you read each word and apply it. Here are just a few of the power principles you'll tap into to catapult your confidence...

  • The confidence formula and exactly how to apply it to YOU.

  • How to move toward unconscious confidence.

  • A seven step system for taking ANY product you buy and make it work for you.

  • How to product confident change without the backlash of anxiety and fear.

  • 25 confidence builders that you can use any time and any place.

  • Confidence crushers that you have to avoid or at least learn to control.

  • The top five confidence crushers and how you can destroy them.

  • A simple confidence secret that will immediately allow you to feel and act with certainty.

  • The real reason lottery winners lose it all within a few years and how you can use the principle to propel you forward.

  • How the combination of purpose and passion creates an irreplaceable life.

  • 4 confidence builders you can tap into for a surge of assurance.





This is a critical component. This workbook will help you discover your areas of value. It will help you take the ebook and audio and apply it.


This is a Workbook. Confidence is not automatic. Remember, you are being programmed with negatives all day long. You cannot skim through a book or listen to audios one time and expect a miracle.


Yes, you will notice an immediate difference after reading and listen. But you need to take the next step and discover how to make these principles work for you personally. It's not hard, but it is essential.


Q & A Session:


In addition to the training session the following questions will be answered in this bonus session. These questions come directly from online entrepreneurs









  • I don't want to commit to a strategy in case it is the wrong one. I don't have time to waste.

  • Easily overwhelmed with mountains of start-up info. Afraid of deeper-in-debt investing. Time and money are going out the window.

  • Do I have to give up integrity to appear confident, ie, exaggerate my abilities to appear knowledgeable?

  • How can I strengthen my confidence and make it stay on top for good?

  • How do I go about making myself known on a topic without thinking I am boasting and being a "fraud“?

  • How do I help other people gain confidence?

  • Because English is not my first language, whenever I am fixing or tweaking one of your Products in a Rough, I go over and over and over again. It doesn't seem to be good enough to put it as product to sell. Even though I have friends that read it for me, still I do not feel confident to put out.

  • How do you deal with your thoughts when other people laugh at what you are trying to do?

  • How do you permanently get rid of limiting beliefs?

  • How to get past the paralysis caused by lack of confidence?

  • How to hold my confidence throughout the completing of a project. I would be very confident at the start of a project, but as time goes on...I start to lose more, and more confidence, and I just stop.

  • I just see so much crap out there on the internet that I want to be sure I am not adding more crap to the pile, but I think that is keeping me from moving forward. How do I know what I am creating or will create is good enough to stand out from the crap and be a product I can feel good about selling or publishing?

  • If you're starting out with low self-esteem for a lifetime (literally -- I'm 58), and are only confident in a few skilled areas, how can I be confident in areas where I am not as skilled or a total klutz at? I am not in a position to pay others to do what I am not good at, so I must do *everything* which makes for lots of steep learning curves!

  • My problem is not the lack of confidence in myself, but it is the ability to find a niche. Every where I turn & everybody is saying, I must find something that I love, passionate about & love. THAT IS WHERE I HAVE A PROBLEM. I can not think of anything that i am good at nor passionate about as a niche. I'm a jack of all (most) & master of none. Six grade education & lot of self study. The only thing am passionate about is my online success. I'm retired & LIVE ON MY COMPUTER. No wife or close family just MY COMPUTER. So if you have any suggestions for me please let me hear it or them. Just need some direction, some brainstorming help, like how to do it.

  • How do I value you my own work? Pricing is tricky enough without lack of confidence.

  • I am sure there are a lot of 'non-gurus' making good money on the net- but I only ever seem to hear about the 'million dollar' stories- I would be a lot more confident if I could align with 'success' rather than 'outrageous'-!

  • How do I get over thinking that my creative abilities are not good enough in order to create a product or way of marketing that could be unique and that I could sell it?

  • How can I stay focused on the Positive productivity and avoid endless interruptions and distractions?

  • How do I put into perspective that a "no" is not a personal rejection of me as a person?


The UnCrushable Confidence System:


  Flash video to download and watch at leisure. Step by Step through the entire system. The system and the Q & A
  Ebook of the complete Uncrushable Confidence System. 85 pages
  MP3s of everything
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Oh, yeah - What You Ain't Getting:

This is not a cluster of ethereal meditation, drink your aura, breathe deppe and feel the energy type of stuff. Sorry, if you want to build confidence through mantras, sniffing incense, and sucking on moist tea leaves - this is not for you.

No hypnotics either. You don't get to play these audios laying in bed relaxing every part of your body, while being mentally massaged with positive affirmations like, "You are as strong as an oak battered by the four winds of the universe..." Does hypnotism work - you bet - for some - but I'm not qualified to hypnotize, so I'm not touching it.

End your doubt right now and gain UnCrushable Confidence!

Strong Success,



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